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"Beth is an amazing private pilates instructor, Beth is great for pilates throughout your pregnancy and will come right to your home. You need to book a minimum of 4 classes."


Sassy Mama

"I used to go to Beth’s Lotte Berk Studio on Wellington Street as a teenager. I have such nice memories of it and of Beth and I took her disciplined approach to one’s body with me all these years. I have her to thank for making such a positive impression on me.
(Beth recently popped up on my facebook as a “friend of a friend” and it was SO nice to her  looking so fantastic as always!)." 


Pia Lofdahl


"Beth’s Workout helped me to mobilize and strengthen my body up to a point I had not even imagined before. Apart from the unique combination of exercises, Beth’s enormous professionalism combined with a delightful sense of humor  makes me always go “up an inch and down an inch” more. 
Not to mention the permanent monitoring and correction work Beth does even in a group class, which provides me with an allover confidence where no part of the body is put at risk but all of it is challenged and good taken care of.
For my condition of senior citizen/ ankylosing spondylitis, the mayor additional effect is the absolute reduction of pain attacks to the level that I could almost forget about it. The precise and thoroughly balanced work on the inner muscles all over the body helped me to minimize the stress on joints as well as bones and to control the beginning of a limp.
Over the years I became aware of muscles and their essential role in certain situations that I had never before even dreamt of. In fact I had to look it up in a book to understand more about some inner muscles which consequently helped me to overcome the pain barrier and to stick to the routine. I cannot say that all this now lies behind me as it is an ongoing process and the biggest mistake would be to stop.
While travelling  I carry Beth’s Workout Tubes with me so I can try to keep up a certain level of exercise even when on my own. But obviously I can’t do as much on my own as  in class.
So excercise with a group of others up to forty years my junior and we ALL have to work hard irrespective of  individual conditions and we ALL benefit from this kind of exercise.”


“Beth is a truly excellent trainer. Very passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her friendly personality creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. She makes each session challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! Beth also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Beth will lead you every step of the way. “ 

Pat Wong



You have  changed my life around ! 

I feel soooo good in body & mind within 3 weeks.  You might think I come over as pretty useless  but my Butt, legs ,arms ( still working on abs ) have transformed themselves into something  much more acceptable with my very critical eyes 😎.

It can only get better the more I try.

Honestly Beth you are simply The Very  Best Ever !! 

I,m sorry I never get the chance to say that to you when  I ,m there.

Jane Climas & I had a laugh  remembering our Lotte Burke days...legs like jelly as we held on to each other stumbling down the steps by the flower stalls 🤣. Such memories 

I would also like to mention you and your great classes are helping me so much to get my confidence back and get through some depression, and btw you make ma laugh genuinely which is a huge break through 

Thank you again xx



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